Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Allen Family

I have nearly completed my survey of the Allen family in 19th Century Glemsford - accessible by clicking on the title to this posting.
I am particularly fascinated by the material that Bernie Allen has sent me which focuses on the memories of his father Wilfred, who was born in Glemsford in 1881, but I hope the trawling of the Censuses proves worthwhile too.
Please, please let me know if you spot any errors, or can extend the search and its findings.


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Changes (and improvements?)

If you haven't visited the main site recently, I've just carried out a sort of overhaul, tidy-up, modernisation, whatever you like to call it.

Let me know if you hit problems with it.

This feature continues, unaffected and oblivious.


Alarming Fire in Glemsford

For your interest and delectation, I just added the first part of a new feature about Glemsford's Allen family. The feature begins with a newspaper article about an "Alarming Fire".
There is more to come.



Plume Family

John Bastow writes:

Hi. I am researching the Plume family. My paternal grandmother was Delilah Plume, born Glemsford Jan 1868. I have taken her line back to Edmund Plume, born about 1717 in Glemsford.
I am now trying to establish a link between Plumes in Glemsford and Plumes in North London. Do you know of any family migration patterns?
John Bastow

I haven't any detail, just general ideas, but I'm sure there are other Plume researchers out there. I've also suggested looking at Plums and Plumbs.

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The Bigg Family

Merv Aitken has contacted me from New Zealand:

During my browsing I came across the Glemsford Family History website edited in

2005 by Steve Clarke. I am currently researching a part of the BIGG family from the
1600-1700 period, and was interested to see that Julie Pierson had several entries
asking for information re this family.

Unfortunately there was no email address on any of her entries. Would it be possible
for you to provide me with a current address? -- or even a suggestion as to how I could
contact her.

I would also be most interested to make contact with anyone else in your group,
who has an interest in the BIGG family.

Unfortunately, because of changes in my system ("Wot system?" I hear you cry), I do not have an up-to-date address for Julie. If you can help, contact me and I'll forward details to Merv.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fair's Fair

A little while back now (January 2008, actually) there was some discussion here about Glemsford's Fair, and I published a few references to the event (you can find them by clicking on the Title/Headline of this item).

A bit of idle surfing this morning on the excellent Foxearth site produced this further reference to what was obviously a regular event:

June 29 1880 Glemsford.
The midsummer fair which held on Friday and Saturday last was well patronised by the travelling stalls and the green was quite full, there were stalls were erected at the Lion also at the Plough, everything passed off orderly.

As if it wouldn't!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oakley, Ambrose, Jarmin family

Janet Jarmin has added another comment to the Oakley, Ambrose, Jarmin thread.

It should be available by clicking on the link in the title line, above.

Thanks again, Janet


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

New comment published

Rory has added a fascinating comment to the Oakley, Ambrose, Jarmin family thread.

He also refers to an earlier comment he made about the origins of Little Egypt. I've included that on a page of its own, which you can find at this address.


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Additional Comment: Craske family

I have just published a new comment to the September 2006 notes about the Craske family (and others), from Cathy Bryant.


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Toy Company in Glemsford: a query

Kevin Frazer is looking for information on the makers and/or sellers of Annetta Soft Toys.
"I have a large hand-sewn soft toy (bulldog) standing 51" high. It was made (or rather sold) by Annetta Soft Toys of Egremont Street, Glemsford, Sudbury, Suffolk. The label is overstamped Haverhill Suffolk, so I presume the cottage industy moved.
Is this business known still in the area? I am told the dog "teddy" is around 50 years old plus or minus 10 years."

I have no immediate information about this company, but can anyone out there help?
Replies through me, please.

Oakley, Ambrose, Jarmin family

Jane Davey is looking for info on these families:

"My granny was Elizabeth Oakley (1891) and her mum was Eliza Jane Jarmin (1864) , daughter of Jane Jarmin (1845). I can't find any record of Jane's marriage to anyone. Jane's parents were William Jarmin (1792) and Martha Boreham (1802). My great grandad was Henry Oakley (1831) who married Emma Ambrose (1840), but I've come to a halt with Emma's family. Any info would be great.

I'm also interested in a particular christian name that keeps appearing in the census and family info - Mahala. Several of my female ancestors had this name and it's reallly unusual even today - if anyone knows why this name was so popular in Glemsford I'd love to know too!"

As always, if anyone can help, please make your initial contact through me.


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