Glemsford People

My consuming interest in History is the story of those who, for the want of a better expression, we call ordinary, or every-day: in short, the "you and me" of the past.

Gradually, over the years, I have seen the "you and me" of Glemsford's History are coming to light, and I am proud to group them here.

Joint top of the list comes the work of Richard Deeks and Tom Brown: Richard's because for years he ploughed a very lonely furrow in recording the story of an unfashionable village, and Tom's because he wrote with an understated but genuine passion of the trials and excitements of living in Glemsford through the 20th Century.

In highlighting these stories here I ask nothing more than that we respect them as contributions to an understanding of people and their surroundings. I apologise for beginning by pointing you at my own article from 1993, but it makes a starting point if only because of Tom Brown's measured reply!

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