Glemsford Families and Family History

One of the great pleasures of working on this web site is the number of enquiries and comments I receive concerning Glemsford families and their genealogy.

Over the years, this aspect of the site has developed in two ways:

The starting point for genealogists
may be the Blog-style enquiry page. The more it is visited, the more useful it becomes.
I have to protect it from the idiots who want to try and pollute proper work on the 'net, so I do moderate all submissions: this slows things up slightly, but is worth the effort. Please bear with me. If you want to contact me directly you may do so by email:

The biggest single piece of work
in this section concerns the search for the ancestors of Tracey Foulds and Sandra Poole: the Brown family. In the course of some detailed research, we also uncovered links with a famous family from Cavendish - George and Emma Savage.

The work is accessed via:

Other family material:

Current Family History Questions: please note an address change for this feature.

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